5 striking ways to play 8 ball pool hack

Now start racking up all the wins and earn cash and money with 5 striking tips for playing 8 ball pools. Some of the tricks are really efficient and can make you earn coins heavily even when you are playing them without any internet connection. The 5 striking ways to pay the game are as follows.

Players can log in to the social network site Facebook for earn free coins each and every hour.

Just make it sure that you turn on just to push notification for receiving ample of challenges.

For winning up to 250,000 8 ball pool free coins you have to go for scratch and wins.

You can easily upgrade and improve your skills with much better cues.

You can invite friends and earn over 500 coins. Playing 8 ball pool hack with friends is always fun.

Know how to jump like a pro in 8 ball pool

This is the time when you must improve your tricks to play the game. If you want to jump in the right way for improving the skills, then you can smash all the multiple blocks and go for gaining the power-ups in multiple grades. At times a timely jump will not help you to earn. You need to go for the special moves that would actually bring pause to your flight and moves you a step backward. The mechanism is known to players as mid-air stall. You need to touch the screen for jumping high and then swipe for reaching left and being in the midair.

Do not just spin over for grabbing the flag. The players must know that the best ever way to grab the flag at the end of each level is to make a mid-air spin. It also provides you with the aright and justified amount of leverages for soaring high and right to the top. Just touch and hold the screen to perform all kind of high-jumps and then go for tapping the screen once again when you are in a middle way in the air just to spin over.

How to shoot faster in the game?

There is no such feature in the game that does not worth’s appreciation. To line up the shots you have to adjust certain things. You need to line the shots more quickly for earning more amounts of coins. This can be done by tapping and dragging the cursor around the pool table surface. This will help you to move the cue much faster. This will make your shots more precise. You can easily adjust the cue’s handle by dragging the position. You can easily make the position of the cue’s handle according to your own choice. Setting up your own target is very simple. Once you know to set up your lines and set the straight edges, just aim your lines and the pocket that you want to sink. Only one thing the players have to understand that the aim must be made accurate.

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