Equipment in Free Fire Battleground

Free Fire Battleground is an online game which not only enables a player to compete with gamers from all around the world but its excellent graphics can keep them hooked up to it for a long time. As it is a survival game so you will need to keep killing your opponents before the island shrinks and have no place for you. So a good gear and proper weapons can save you in situations because death will be lurking in every corner and can strike you in any minute. Make sure you are also using the Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds Cheats for saving yourself in difficult situations.

Groza: Groza can be obtained in the game as a gift which comes from the sky. For using this weapon you will be needing AR bullets. This weapon can have a gunshot range of very far and you can easily shoot the opponent without getting too close to them. This weapon comes with an excellent strength. Groza can act very useful both in the long and short distance.

Scar: Scar is the rifle weapon with the AR bullets and this weapon has a better strength when compared to that of VSS. If you are having this weapon then you can easily knock out your opponent by subtracting their HP.

VSS: This is a weapon which is Semi sniper and it won’t cause any kind of sound while shooting. You can easily attract your enemy without even letting them know because it won’t be shown on the minimap. This weapon comes with a range which is very far.

M14: This is also semi sniper equipment that consists of a long and short range and its firepower is very high. You can easily hurt your opponent with a single hit and you can also use this weapon as an alternative to the sniper weapon because of the scope which comes with it. It also has a bullet chamber so there is no need of loading the bullets after every shot.

M1014: You can easily knock out your opponent with two shots of this weapon. The only downside which this weapon has is its range which is very narrow and it can definitely serve you in small areas where the distance from your opponent is very close.

These are the few weapons that can easily help you to easily kill your opponent from both long and short distances. Free Fire Battleground is not a shooting game so you won’t have to be very much accurate about the aiming but make sure your weapon can do that for you.

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