Free to play Hay Day enriches the gamers with a huge joy

Today, almost every month, the gamers are getting two to three new games. But most of them are developed just for the sake of filling the racks. Very rare developers take a note of the preferences of the gamers before developing any game. They just develop a game. But the developers of Hay Day had taken enough care to develop a game. It is all about creation. Let the young generation learn the different ways to improve their life through allround development. The game is all about refreshing the farming which had experienced some better days earlier. A habit of clearing land, growing crops or raising livestock would be inculcated in minds of youngsters. They would further learn to sell their products to the ultimate customers or other business for some profit. It is worth mentioning that though it is free it can also be in your possession for a price. Let us learn some tricks to have control over the game.

Seeds are the lifeblood of any farming

For a happy harvesting season the farmer, here the gamer, should never run out of seed stock. The crops which will be planted would produce a double yield of crops. To illustrate, a single unit of the crop would produce two units of the same crop for cultivation. So before selling or using your produce of cultivation, you must plan how much you would preserve for the next cultivation. So even if there is a lucrative order never give away your whole production for sale. If by any chance you do not secure enough seeds for the cultivation then you will have no other options but to sacrifice your hay day diamonds or other valuables. This becomes more important when you are gaining more grounds as your farm grows. To feed the livestock a constant supply of various crops is of utmost importance. When you have enough corn, wheat, soybeans and other crops then you would not face any trouble to feed.

During night or working hours grow slow growing crops

In Hay Day some crops grow rapidly and some grow quite slowly. Let us see these crops.

There are few crops which grow very rapidly. In less than ten minutes wheat, carrot, and corn would grow.

Indigo and pumpkins would take an hour to grow.

So while playing the game you should try out wheat, corn, etc. which grows within 10 minutes. You should plan to grow slow growing crops when you are going to your school. You can also plan to grow pumpkins at night before going to sleep or some other time when you would be away from the machine for hours. Before returning back the crops would be ready and in this way, you would be able to save time. The same principle is applied in the case finished goods and livestock. It is just not a matter of boring but also utilization of your valuable time.

Hay Day is the most interesting game for the youngsters in the recent time. Those who are getting far away from the life of village must try out Hay Day. Let the crops grow and joy of your life.

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