The Top 5 Essential iPhone 4 Accessories

Apple’s iPhone 4 has rocked the world with is outstanding features. Being one of the most popular smartphones nowadays, the iPhone 4 has been characterized as a true technological marvel; superb quality calls and dazzling multimedia applications all in one device. The iPhone 4 definitely deserves respect and proper care. Protect your precious smartphone and boost its capabilities by purchasing some of the best iPhone 4 accessories.
In particular:

1. iPhone Screen Protectors

The iPhone 4 features a massive 3.5′ screen ideal for video and photo browsing, intense gameplay and unlimited web browsing. You can even read your favorite e-books straight to your iPhone 4! But to keep the images crystal clear and the screen unharmed, you need to purchase a screen protector. You can choose between three different categories to find the one that best suits your needs; the clear screen protectors, the anti-glare screen protectors and the mirror screen protectors. The clear screen protectors are literally invisible making you forget that they even exist. The anti-glare ones are ideal for viewing in direct sunlight as they significantly reduce glare. Finally, the mirror screen protectors offer a unique effect; they turn your iPhone 4 screen into a mirror when in standby mode. Whatever you choose, you get maximum protection from scratches, dirt and dust.

2. iPhone Cover Cases

Want to keep your iPhone 4 fully protected even from a possible impact? Then purchase the especially designed cover cases that work as a shield for your iPhone. All function buttons and ports are accessible allowing easy use. You can choose between crystal clear cover cases, silicon cases, hard cases and leather cases. They come in many colors and patterns able to fit your taste and mood anytime.

3. Apple Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth technology has come a long way over the last years offering some of the most remarkable accessories. The Apple Bluetooth Headset literally frees your hands; small and stylish, it fits perfectly to your ear offering crispy clear sound. Moreover, with its simple functions buttons, you get instant access even under the most difficult situations. Answer or abort phone calls in just a tap of button.

4. Griffin Powerjolt Car Charger

The Griffin Powerjolt car charger has been characterized as one of the most powerful and safe car chargers in the market. Your iPhone 4 will never quit on you again! Plug it in and enjoy your favorite tunes will driving without draining the battery. Additionally, the Griffin Powerjolt charger works for both your iPod touch and iPod shuffle.

5. Earphones

What makes the iPhone 4 truly unique is its astonishing sound system. Enjoy your favorite MP3s, music videos, movies or latest games in crystal clear sound. The earphones are essential to block the irritating surrounding sounds boosting your listening experience while offering marvelous quality calls.



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