The truth about Hay Day

Online gaming is a source of great pleasure to many gamers. They are effective methods to fight boredom and consume dull time.Virtual online games such as Hay Day can entertain children and adults. They will also have great time developing strategies for expanding their farms and earning more coins.

Hay Day is a virtual farming game that millions of people of all ages are playing it  regularly. The game is available on Amazon, IOS and Android. The idea of Hay Day is based on simulation farming life. In order to successfully run the game on your Android device, you should have at least Android 4.0.3. As for iOS, you need to have at least 4.3. The overall size of the game is 61 MB.

Hay Day has been gaining huge success among adults and children. Many parents are concerned about protecting their kids from online threats or inappropriate behaviors. With the wide spread and huge success of this game, many parent want to know whether Hay Day is convenient for their kids or not.

  • Hay Day and online safety

Hay Day has clear terms of use and privacy policy. These terms are made for players who are at least 13 years old. The design of Hay Day doesn’t contain violence, negative, bad language or sexual content. These features make the game safe for children and teenagers. There is a community feature that allows the players to chat online, while playing the game, like the website This feature is not accessible until level 29.Inappropriate language is not allowed in the chat and the feature can be easily disabled. The chat is not censored but parents can keep an eye on their children’s activity on the game. Talking to your children about internet dangers is important to increase their awareness and protect them. Over all the game provides a safe environment for kids.

– The mainconcept ofHay Day

Hay Day is a successful virtual farming online game that has been around for 5 years. It is developed by a Finnish video game company, Supercell. The main idea of the game is to let players start and grow their own virtual farms. There are many relevant farming activities included in the game such as sowing seed, planting, harvesting, and raising animals. As the player advances in the game, he unlocks morefeatures. He will prepare pies, popcorn and juices. Also joining a community or mining for diamonds are availablein advanced levels.

  • Benefits of Hay Day for children

Hay Day is extremely helpful in entertaining many bored individuals. However, entertainment is not the only thing your child can get from playing Hay Day. The game is also beneficial in enhancing certain skills in children such as using coins, making priorities and trading. A child can learn to save the coins to buy necessary items for expanding his farm. The game can teach a child certain management skills and responsibility in spending their earnings. In time, your child can improve his counting, addition and other math skills.

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